Bacon (surname)

The surname Bacon may refer to:

  • Albion Fellows Bacon (1865–1933), American reformer and writer
  • Anthony Bacon (British Army officer) (1796–1864), cavalry officer during the Napoleonic wars
  • Anthony Bacon (industrialist) (1718–1786), English industrialist
  • Augustus Octavius Bacon (1839–1914), American politician
  • Benjamin Wisner Bacon (1860–1932), American theologian
  • David Bacon (disambiguation), several people
  • Edmund Bacon (architect) (1910–2005), American urban planner
  • Edward Woolsey Bacon (1843–1887), American Congregational preacher and writer
  • Ernst Bacon (1898-1990), American composer and pianist
  • Everett Bacon (1890–1989), American football player from Wesleyan University, in College Football Hall of Fame
  • Ezekiel Bacon (1776–1870), American politician
  • Francis Bacon (1561–1626), knighted English philosopher, statesman and author
  • Francis Bacon (artist) (1909–1992), Anglo-Irish painter
  • Francis Thomas Bacon (1904–1992), British engineer
  • Gaspar G. Bacon (1886–1947), American politician
  • George B. Bacon (1836–1876), American Congregational preacher and writer
  • Henry Bacon (1866–1924), American architect
  • Irving Bacon (1893–1965), American character actor
  • Jim Bacon (1950–2004), Premier of Tasmania, Australia
  • Jim Bacon (rugby), Welsh rugby union and rugby league footballer
  • John Bacon (Massachusetts) (1738–1820), US Representative from Massachusetts
  • John Bacon (sculptor) (1740–1799), British sculptor
  • John Bacon (sculptor) (1777-1859), British sculptor
  • John M. Bacon, nineteenth-century American general
  • John Mackenzie Bacon FRAS, (1846–1904), English astronomer, aeronaut, and lecturer
  • John Baconthorpe (or John Bacon, c.1290–1346), learned English Carmelite monk
  • Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager
  • Kenneth Bacon (1944–2009), American journalist
  • Kevin Bacon (born 1958), American film actor
  • Leonard Bacon (1802–1881), American Congregational preacher and writer
  • Leonard Woolsey Bacon (1830–1907), American Congregational preacher and writer
  • Lise Bacon (born 1934), Canadian politician
  • Lloyd Bacon (1889–1955), American actor
  • Lucy Bacon (1857–1932), American artist
  • Max Bacon, lead singer for 1980s arena rock supergroup GTR
  • Max Bacon (politician) (born 1941), Missouri jurist and legislator
  • Michael Bacon (musician) (born 1949), American musician
  • Nathaniel Bacon (colonist) of the Virginia Colony, instigator of Bacon's Rebellion in 1676
  • Sir Nathaniel Bacon (died 1622), lawyer and MP for Norfolk, half-brother of Francis Bacon
  • Nathaniel Bacon (Jesuit), Secretary of the Society of Jesus from 1674 to 1676
  • Nathaniel Bacon (painter) (1585–1627), landowner and painter, nephew of Francis Bacon
  • Nathaniel Bacon (politician) (1593–1660), a Member of Parliament representing Cambridge University and Ipswich, grandson of Nicholas Bacon
  • Nicholas Bacon (courtier) (1510–1579), English politician during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal
  • Sir Nicholas Bacon, 1st Baronet, of Redgrave (c. 1540–1624), his son, the first man created a baronet
  • Sir Nicholas Bacon, 14th Baronet (born 1953), Premier Baronet of England, lawyer, and Page of Honour to Queen Elizabeth II
  • Nick Bacon, (1945–2010), American soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Peggy Bacon (1895–1987), American artist and author
  • Reginald Bacon (1863–1952), Royal Navy admiral
  • Richard Bacon (broadcaster) (born 1975), English television and radio presenter
  • Richard Bacon (politician), British politician
  • Robert Bacon (1860–1919), American diplomat
  • Robert L. Bacon (1884–1938), American politician
  • Roger Bacon (1214–1295), Franciscan friar, English philosopher
  • Scott Bacon (born 1977), Australian politician, son of Jim Bacon
  • Sosie Bacon (born 1992), American film actress
  • Thomas Rutherford Bacon (1850–1913), American Congregational preacher, writer, professor of history
  • Walter W. Bacon (1879–1962), American accountant and politician, Governor of Delaware
  • Yehuda Bacon (born 1929), Israeli artist

Famous quotes containing the word bacon:

    What life is best?
    Courts are but only superficial schools
    To dandle fools:
    The rural parts are turned into a den
    Of savage men:
    And where ‘s a city from all vice so free,
    But may be termed the worst of all the three?
    —Francis Bacon (1561–1626)