Bačka (Serbian: Bačka or Бачка, Hungarian: Bácska, Croatian: Bačka, Bunjevac: Bačka, Slovak: Báčka, Rusyn: Бачка, German: Batschka) is a geographical area within the Pannonian plain bordered by the river Danube to the west and south, and by the river Tisza to the east of which confluence is located near Titel. It is divided between Serbia and Hungary, however, there are small uninhabited pockets of the area on the left bank of the Danube which are de jure parts of Croatia according to the Badinter Commission. Nonetheless, the disputed areas have been under de facto Serbian control since 1991 (see disputes of Croatia and Serbia). Most of the area is located within the Vojvodina region in Serbia. Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina, lies on the border between Bačka and Syrmia, on both banks of the river Danube. Smaller northern part of the geographical area is located within Bács-Kiskun County, in Hungary.

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