BA School of Business and Finance

BA School of Business and Finance (Latvian: Banku Augstskola) is one of the leading, self-financing business schools in Latvia. It was founded in 1992 as Banking College under the Bank of Latvia and in 1997 accredited as a higher educational institution.

In 2007 BA School of Business and Finance celebrated its 15th anniversary. It supports United Nations initiative and follows the Principles for Responsible Management Education. On December 11 BA School of Business and Finance announced its decision to achieve Investors in Excellence Standard (a national standard which is based on the concepts of Excellence and the nine criteria of the widely used European Excellence Model (EFQM)). In 2007/2008 BA School of Business and Finance has been recognized as one of 1000 world’s best Business Schools!

Today it offers undergraduate, graduate and post - graduate programmes in Economics and Entrepreneurship, Business Administration and Finance. The study processes have gained an explicit international dimension. Graduates are nationally and internationally recognized entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, experts and professionals.

BA School of Business and Finance is located in Riga which is a very exciting and interesting place to pursue studies and gain an insight into the whole Baltic region!

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