Aviation Safety Improvement Initiatives - European Strategic Safety Initiative (ESSI)

European Strategic Safety Initiative (ESSI)

The European Strategic Safety Initiative (ESSI ) is an aviation safety partnership between EASA, other regulators and the industry. The initiative’s objective is to further enhance safety for citizens in Europe and worldwide through safety analysis, implementation of cost effective action plans, and coordination with other safety initiatives worldwide. Participants are drawn from the EASA Member States, the ECAC countries, manufacturers, operators and professional unions, research organisations, the FAA and international organisations such as EUROCONTROL and ICAO.

ESSI was launched by EASA as a ten year programme on 28 June 2006 and has three components:

  • ECAST: European Commercial Aviation Safety Team
  • EHEST: European Helicopter Safety Team
  • EGAST: European General Aviation Safety Team

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Aviation Safety Improvement Initiatives - European Strategic Safety Initiative (ESSI) - The European General Aviation Safety Team (EGAST)
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