Avengers Tower

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Moonstone (comics) - Fictional Character Biography - Dark Reign
... Osborn approaches Moonstone while she is meditating and offers her a spot on the Dark Avengers ... On the Dark Avenger's first mission, the new Ms ... interview that Norman Osborn is conducting, Karla tells Noh-Varr that the Dark Avengers are all criminals ...
Dark Reign (comics) - Limited Series - Dark Reign: The List
... Avengers was written by Brian Michael Bendis and Marko Djurdjevic ... rule despite his best efforts, decides to storm Avengers Tower and kill Osborn himself ... He throws her head into Avengers Tower and threatens to kill Osborn for what he has done ...

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    With the noise of the mourning of the Swattish nation!
    Fallen is at length
    Its tower of strength;
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    The great Ahkoond of Swat
    Is not!
    George Thomas Lanigan (1845–1886)