Avengers Tower

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Moonstone (comics) - Fictional Character Biography - Dark Reign
... Norman Osborn approaches Moonstone while she is meditating and offers her a spot on the Dark Avengers ... On the Dark Avenger's first mission, the new Ms ... that Norman Osborn is conducting, Karla tells Noh-Varr that the Dark Avengers are all criminals ...
Dark Reign (comics) - Limited Series - Dark Reign: The List
... Avengers was written by Brian Michael Bendis and Marko Djurdjevic ... able to continue his rule despite his best efforts, decides to storm Avengers Tower and kill Osborn himself ... He throws her head into Avengers Tower and threatens to kill Osborn for what he has done ...

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    All over France, in every city there stand cathedrals like this one, triumphant monuments of the past. They tower over the homes of our people like mighty guardians, keeping alive the invincible faith of the Christian. Every arch, every column, every statue is a carved leaf out of our history, a book in stone, glorifying the spirit of France.
    Sonya Levien (1895–1960)