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Road Trip - Impact of Automobile Associations
... In many countries Automobile Associations play a major part in facilitating long distance road trips ... Automobile Associations, such as AAA and CAA in North America, RAC in the United Kingdom, the ADAC in Germany and the ANWB in the Netherlands among just a few ... Such associations allow a motorist to venture further from their home, and as long as they are in an area serviced by the association or an affiliate, can use the ...

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    Writing prejudicial, off-putting reviews is a precise exercise in applied black magic. The reviewer can draw free- floating disagreeable associations to a book by implying that the book is completely unimportant without saying exactly why, and carefully avoiding any clear images that could capture the reader’s full attention.
    William Burroughs (b. 1914)

    For a woman to get a rewarding sense of total creation by way of the multiple monotonous chores that are her daily lot would be as irrational as for an assembly line worker to rejoice that he had created an automobile because he tightened a bolt.
    Edith Mendel Stern (1901–1975)