Austro-Asiatic Languages - Classification - Ilia Peiros (2004)

Ilia Peiros (2004)

Peiros is a lexicostatistic classification, based on percentages of shared vocabulary. This means that a language may appear to be more distantly related than it actually is due to language contact. Indeed, when Sidwell (2009a) replicated Peiros's study with languages known well enough to account for loans, he did not find the internal (branching) structure below.

  • Nicobarese
  • Munda–Khmer
    • Munda
    • Mon–Khmer
      • Khasi
      • Nuclear Mon–Khmer
        • Mangic (Mang + Palyu) (perhaps in Northern MK)
        • Vietic (perhaps in Northern MK)
        • Northern Mon–Khmer
          • Palaungic
          • Khmuic
        • Central Mon–Khmer
          • Khmer dialects
          • Pearic
          • Asli-Bahnaric
            • Aslian
            • Mon–Bahnaric
              • Monic
              • Katu–Bahnaric
                • Katuic
                • Bahnaric

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