Australia's Next Top Model, Cycle 4 - List of Episodes - Fashion Wars

Fashion Wars

Original Airdate: 10 June 2008

The girls receive a Jodhi mail that contains worded T-shirts which spells out "Prepare to Know Your Fashion". The final five have just worked this out when Jodhi herself arrives with Brazilian stylist and writer, Fernando Frisoni, to help the girls with their fringle fashion. Alexandra scores big even though Fernando finds her shoes "a little too lesbian", but Caris bombs - "the bag is wrong, the singlet is wrong, the sunglasses are wrong, everything is wrong" and "it's awful". Understandably, Caris struggles to find the positives. He gives her some pointers and then Jodhi sends the girls to the High Fashion temple, Vogue. Editor Kirstie Clements grills the girls of their fashion knowledge,with only Alexandra and Demelza able to make any impression on the high prietess of high fashion. Kirstie shows them the latest fashion colours and style and then a Jodhi mail shows that the girls will have to put their newfound knowledge to the test the very next day.

The girls arrive for their fashion challenge to find Jonathan dressed as a referee and three judges. The girls are set challenges to dress for various events. Nobody truly excels and Caris and Alyce bomb. The girls have to arrange dresses under the right designers names. Demelza gets 10 out of 10 and Caris gets 3 out of 10. Then they have to put the model's name to their faces on magazine covers. This time, it's Samantha who gets 3. The winner of the challenge is ultimately Demelza. She choose Alyce to share her prize.

Demelza and Alyce have a very Gold Coast day out with the chirpy cockney fashion designer, Wayne Cooper, eating seafood on an eight million dollar boat, before heading to a penthouse apartment to change into their Wayne Cooper frocks before heading off to the NAA Fashion Awards. They barely have time to do a video call to the other girls to rub it in...but they do anyway.

The next day, the girls gather at Tamarama Beach for a photo shoot for Oyster Magazine. Photography Bec Parsons puts the girls through their paces, with Alexandra leading off with an impressive display as she does a kind of rich gypsy look with the ocean in the back ground. Caris models a dress with a face on it, causing Demelza to bitch about her because she always does so well. Demelza does her shoot laying on her back, and then whinges that she did badly. Samantha also pulled of another amazing photo shoot impressing Jonathan and the crew. Jonathan cannot resist telling her that she's beautiful.

After the photo shoot, Jonathan tells the girls that they have $100 to spend to create a look for elimination that feature the latest trends of fashion. The judges weren't impressed by the outfits although Alex Perry gives Alexandra full marks. Alexandra, Alyce and Samantha receive praise for their pictures, while Caris' picture isn't her best. Ultimately, Alyce and Caris end up in the bottom 2. Jodhi states that while Alyce had a good photo, she wasn't consistent and that Caris is the opposite; while Caris has been consistent, this week she took a bad photo. Ultimately, it is Alyce who is eliminated after appearing in the bottom two for the last 4 weeks.

  • First call-out: Samantha Downie
  • Bottom two: Caris Eves and Alyce Crawford
  • Eliminated: Alyce Crawford
  • Featured photographer: Bec Parsons
  • Special Guests: Fernando Frisoni, Kirstie Clements, Kate Waterhouse, Wayne Cooper, Rachael Squires, Grant Pearce

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