Australian Referendum, 1988 (Rights and Freedoms) - Results


A Proposed Law: To alter the Constitution to extend the right to trial by jury, to extend freedom of religion, and to ensure fair terms for persons whose property is acquired by any government.

Do you approve this proposed alteration?

State On rolls Ballots issued For Against Informal
Votes % Votes %
New South Wales 3,564,856 3,297,246 965,045 %29.65 2,289,645 %70.35 42,556
Victoria 2,697,096 2,491,183 816,057 %33.42 1,625,484 %66.58 49,642
Queensland 1,693,247 1,542,293 503,217 %32.88 1,027,218 %67.12 11,858
South Australia 937,974 873,511 223,038 %26.01 634,438 %73.99 16,035
Western Australia 926,636 845,209 233,917 %28.14 597,322 %71.86 13,970
Tasmania 302,324 282,785 70,987 %25.49 207,486 %74.51 4,312
Australian Capital Territory 166,131 149,128 60,064 %40.71 87,460 %59.29 1,604
Northern Territory 74,695 56,370 20,503 %37.14 34,699 %62.86 1,168
Total for Commonwealth 10,362,959 9,537,725 2,892,828 %30.79 6,503,752 %69.21 141,145
Results Obtained majority in no State and an overall minority of 3,610,924 votes.

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