Australian Institute of International Affairs - Community and Youth Engagement

Community and Youth Engagement

Young Diplomats Program

The AIIA encourages young people to actively engage with international affairs, and seeks to provide as many forums as possible for them to do so. In conjunction with James Cook University, AIIA promotes a Young Diplomats Program for students in year 10 to prepare for and conduct mock international negotiations in a team competition. The program was first introduced in 1996 in 11 Townsville Secondary Schools as a joint project of the AIIA North Queensland Branch, James Cook University and the Queensland Department of Education before being also adopted by the AIIA’s Tasmanian and ACT’s Branch. In Townsville, the Program was revived in cooperation with James Cook University, in 2008 with 8 schools participating. The AIIA National Office held a reception for the winners in Canberra and arranged visits to policymakers and Diplomats to add to the students’ experience.

Youth Networks

A number of AIIA Branches offer youth networks for young professionals interested in international affairs including special events, consular visits, youth speakers and mentoring. The AIIA thus fulfils its role in fostering and developing Australia’s emerging young foreign policy professionals.


The AIIA National Office and a number of AIIA Branches offer internships for Australian and international students and graduates throughout the year.

Nygh Internship

The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) and the Australian Branch of the International Law Association (ILA(AB)) fund the Peter Nygh Hague Conference Internship. The award supports a post graduate student or graduate of an Australian law school to undertake an internship with the Hague Conference on Private International Law (the Hague Conference) in the Netherlands by providing funds to cover the cost of travel to the Netherlands and a contribution towards living expenses.

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