Australian Defence Basketball Association - Awards - Champion Three Point Shooters

Champion Three Point Shooters

Three point contest held traditionally as interval between the Men's & Women's Finals Games, hosted by the Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Year Women State Service Men State Service
2012 Bethany Van Ross QLD Jamie Stow SA
2011 Candice O'Keefe NSW Veselin Ceranic NT
2009 Allyson Hurrell NSW Peter Liston NSW
2008 Julie Williams QLD Scott Bradley QLD
2007 Amelia Walmsley NSW Trent Whiston NSW
2006 Jim Boekel NT
2005 Justin Manwaring QLD
2004 Karen Herbert "Buzz" ACT Rob Greig WA
2003 Karen Herbert "Buzz" ACT Andy Hannah "Skylab" VIC
2002 Bree Griffiths QLD Tim Muehlberg SA
2001 Bree Griffiths QLD Tim Muehlberg SA
2000 Jayne Monaghan (Tauschke) VIC Darren Martin NSW
1999 Jayne Monaghan (Tauschke) NT Matt Rugendyke QLD
1997 Tamika Simmons Matt Rugendyke QLD
1996 Bettina Stelzer Dean Burke "Wombat" SA
1995 Brett Matthews "Lurch"

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