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Timeline Of Jane Austen - 1800s
... Year Austen Literary history Political history 29 ... March – Mrs ... tried at Taunton and acquitted October – Edward Austen visits Steventon and takes Cassandra back to Godmersham with him via Chawton and London End of November–mid-December – Jane Austen visits the Lloyds ... Austen decides to retire and move to Bath ? – Austen revises and completes Sir Charles Grandison Publication of Maria Edgeworth's novel Castle Rackrent Publication ...
Timeline Of Jane Austen - 1810s
... Year Austen Literary history Political history 1810 July–August – Jane Austen (pictured) and Cassandra visit Manydown and Steventon November – Edward Austen and ... Austen and Jane visit Steventon Cassandra goes to Godmersham 14 October – Edward Austen officially adopts "Knight" as surname Autumn – Jane Austen sells copyright of Pride and Prejudice to Egerton for £110 ... Jane and Cassandra stay at Steventon they also visit Ashe and Laverstoke 29 March – Emma finished March or April? – Jane and Cassandra probably visit Henry in London 8 August ...

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    Dr. Craigle: A good man, completely reliable. Not given to overcharging and stringing visits out, the way some do.
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    Moss Hart (1904–1961)

    If the warmth of her Language could affect the Body it might
    be worth reading in this weather.
    —Jane Austen (1775–1817)