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Scamp Rack

Scamp stood for (Standardised Compatible Audio Modular Package). The system embodied the card-module concept within a standard racking frame. Although employing no specifically new techniques the design offered dramatic savings in packaging costs without degradation in performance standard. The rack was designed to be configured to different types of recording sessions using different types of modules. The rack could hold seventeen one inch modules all powered from the rack itself by use of an external power supply.

Below is a list of the modules that were available.

  • ADT Analog Flanger & Delay
  • F300 Expander Gates
  • S01 Compressor Limiter
  • S02 Microphone Pre Amplifier
  • S03 Sweep Equaliser
  • S04 Parametric Equaliser
  • S05 Dynamic Filter/Gate
  • S06 Dynamic Filter/Gate
  • S07 Octave Equaliser
  • S08 DA 2in / 8out
  • S12 Bantam patchbay
  • S14 LED Quad Meter
  • S23 Pan effects module
  • S24 Time Shape Module
  • S25 Dual De-esser
  • S26 Mini Rack Power Supply
  • S30 Expander
  • S31 Compressor
  • S100 Dual gate

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