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First Battle Of Gaza - Battle - Ottoman Reinforcements Attack Mounted Screen
... Ten minutes after the attack on Gaza began at 1550 news came that Ottoman reinforcements were advancing towards Gaza. 300 had been seen marching from the north towards Gaza and a little later three Ottoman columns were reported moving from the same direction another 300 Ottoman soldiers had moved into the sand ... Brigade was sent to oppose this advance towards Gaza ...
Sinai And Palestine Campaign - Southern Palestine Campaign Begins - Khan Yunis Raid - Ottoman Retreat From Shellal
... the Ottoman Army retreated from Shellal to the north side of the Wadi Ghuzze to a line from Gaza not far from the Mediterranean Sea to Beersheba just as the British ... agreed to Dobell commander of Eastern Force, planning to attack Gaza at the end of March ... Dobell considered 'an early surprise attack was essential.. ...

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