Atomic Formulas

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Interpretation (logic) - First-order Logic - Formal Languages For First-order Logic
... formal language is known as the set of σ-formulas ... Each σ-formula is built up out of atomic formulas by means of logical connectives atomic formulas are built from terms using predicate symbols ... The formal definition of the set of σ-formulas proceeds in the other direction first, terms are assembled from the constant and function symbols together with the variables ...
Well-formed Formula - Atomic and Open Formulas
... An atomic formula is a formula that contains no logical connectives nor quantifiers, or equivalently a formula that has no strict subformulas ... The precise form of atomic formulas depends on the formal system under consideration for propositional logic, for example, the atomic formulas are the ... According to some terminology, an open formula is formed by combining atomic formulas using only logical connectives, to the exclusion of quantifiers ...

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