Athletics At The 1980 Summer Olympics – Men's 20 Kilometres Walk - Results


Maurizio Damilano (ITA) 1:23:35.5
Pyotr Pochenchuk (URS) 1:24:45.4
Roland Wieser (GDR) 1:25:58.2
4. Yevgeniy Yevsyukov (URS) 1:26:28.3
5. Josep Marín (ESP) 1:26:45.6
6. Raúl González (MEX) 1:27:48.6
7. Bohdan Bułakowski (POL) 1:28:36.3
8. Karl-Heinz Stadtmüller (GDR) 1:29:21.7
9. Reima Salonen (FIN) 1:31:32.0
10. Roger Mills (GBR) 1:32:37.8
11. Giorgio Damilano (ITA) 1:33:26.2
12. János Szálas (HUN) 1:34:10.5
13. Alf Brandt (SWE) 1:34:44.0
14. Pavol Blažek (TCH) 1:35:30.8
15. Aristidis Karageorgos (GRE) 1:36:53.4
16. Hunde Tore (HUN) 1:37:16.6
17. Enrique Peña (COL) 1:38:00.0
18. Ranjit Singh (IND) 1:38:27.2
19. Ernesto Alfaro (COL) 1:42:19.7
20. Jozef Pribilinec (TCH) 1:42:52.4
21. Martin Toporek (AUT) 1:44:56.0
22. Johann Siegele (AUT) 1:45:17.8
23. Tekeste Mitiku (ETH) 1:45:45.7
24. Stefano Casali (SMR) 1:49:21.3
25. Thipsamay Chanthaphone (LAO) 2:20:22.0
Lucien Faber (LUX) DNF
Wilfried Siegele (AUT) DNF
Anatoliy Solomin (URS) DSQ
Daniel Bautista (MEX) DSQ
Bo Gustafsson (SWE) DSQ
David Smith (AUS) DSQ
Domingo Colín (MEX) DSQ
Werner Heyer (GDR) DSQ
Juraj Benčík (TCH) DSQ

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