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The Ateneo Law Journal is an academic journal of legal scholarship published by an independent student group at Ateneo Law School.

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Ateneo Law Journal - Significant Articles
... Legacies in Civil Law from Justice Arsenio P ... Villanueva, Revisiting the Philosophical Underpinnings of Philippine Commercial Laws, Vol ... "The Generally Accepted Principles of International Law" as Philippine Law *Towards a Structurally Consistent Use of Customary International Law in Philippine Courts, Vol ...
Roman Law - Roman Legal Development
... Before the Twelve Tables (754–449 BC), private law comprised the Roman civil law (ius civile Quiritium) that applied only to Roman citizens, and was bonded to religion undeveloped, with attributes of ... the beginning of our city, the people began their first activities without any fixed law, and without any fixed rights all things were ruled despotically, by kings" ... It is believed that Roman Law is rooted in the Etruscan religion, emphasising ritual ...
Roman Law - Roman Legal Development - The Twelve Tables
... The first legal text is the Law of the Twelve Tables, dating from mid-5th century BC ... Terentilius Arsa, proposed that the law should be written, in order to prevent magistrates from applying the law arbitrarily ... plebeian social class convinced the patricians to send a delegation to Athens, to copy the Laws of Solon they also dispatched delegations to other Greek cities for like reason ...
Sedfrey Candelaria - Publications
... and edited various books and articles in constitutional law, human rights law and international economic law, some of which are as follows “Testing Constitutional ... Theory Philippine Judicial Reform as Applied to Vulnerable Sectors.” Ateneo Law Journal 50 (2006) 823 ... Makati City Ateneo Human Rights Center, 2006 ...
Organic - Law
... Organic law, a fundamental law Organic statute, literally "regulations for an organ", with "organ" meaning an organization or governmental body ...

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