Asymptotically Flat

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Mass In General Relativity - Types of Mass in General Relativity - ADM and Bondi Masses in Asymptotically Flat Space-times
... vacuum region, the geometry of the space-time will tend to approach the flat Minkowski geometry of special relativity at infinity ... Such space-times are known as "asymptotically flat" space-times ... For systems in which space-time is asymptotically flat, the ADM and Bondi energy, momentum, and mass can be defined ...
Absolute Horizon - Definition
... An absolute horizon is only defined in an asymptotically flat spacetime — a spacetime which approaches flat space as one moves far away from any massive bodies ... Examples of asymptotically flat spacetimes include Schwarzschild and Kerr black holes ... to be a good model for our universe — is generally not asymptotically flat ...

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