Astraptes Fulgerator - Description - Larval Foodplants

Larval Foodplants

This species is highly polyphagous, with most foodplants belonging to the Fabaceae (legume family):

Selected primary foodplants

  • Fabaceae
    • Inga: I. exalata, I. oerstediana, I. punctata, I. sapindoides, I. vera and probably others
    • Lonchocarpus (see also below)
    • Senna: Candle Bush (S. alata), S. cobanensis, S. hayesiana, S. pallida, S. papillosa, S. undulata and probably others
  • Malvaceae
    • Hampea appendiculata (but see below)
  • Sapindaceae
    • Cupania: C. glabra, C. guatemalensis and probably others

Selected secondary and accidental foodplants

  • Capparaceae
    • Capparis frondosa
  • Fabaceae
    • Canavalia brasiliensis
    • Cassia: Golden Shower Tree (C. fistula), C. grandis and possibly others
    • Centrosema (butterfly peas): C. macrocarpum, C. plumieri and possibly others
    • Desmodium glabrum
    • Dioclea: D. malacocarpa, D. violacea and possibly others
    • Mucuna holtonii
    • Piscidia carthagenensis
  • Malvaceae
    • Byttneria catalpaefolia
  • Rhamnaceae
    • Karwinskia calderoni
  • Salicaceae
    • Casearia sylvestris
  • Styracaceae
    • Styrax argenteus

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