Asterix in Britain (film) - Changes From The Book

Changes From The Book

The movie contains many changes from the original story:

  • Dogmatix comes along with the heroes for the journey and gets a subplot involving him following the barrel thief to his house.
  • Caesar's role in the film is larger, and he has more screen time. (He had only a cameo appearance in the book)
  • Some of the characters (such as the Roman centurions and the British pubkeeper) have different names and designs.
  • Asterix and Obelix meet the pirates on their way to Britain.
  • Asterix doesn't get tea from Getafix, but from some Phoenicians who Obelix saved from the pirates.
  • The search for the stolen barrel of potion is shorter than in the book.
  • Stonehenge makes an appearance in the movie.
  • In the book, Asterix found out that the barrel was sold to the Rugby team by the Pubkeeper. But in the movie the Rugby team were simply the first on the list.
  • During the meeting with the pirates: On the way back, the captain sank his own ship, much like in the book Asterix and Cleopatra.
  • In the English dub, Fulliautomatix and Impedimenta were renamed to Blacksmix and Instantmix respectively.
  • In the book, the uniform of the rugby team which had the magic potion was blue. In the book it was yellow.

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