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Content Assist
... Content/Code assist is functionality provided by some IDEs, which helps the developer to write code faster and more efficiently ... Based on the context of the code, content assist provides the developer with a list of accessible keywords according to a programming language specification ...
Assist - Other
... Assist (Scientology), Scientology practices ASSIST (organization), American Secondary Schools for International Students and Teachers ASSIST (computin ...
Chaverim (volunteers) - Activities
... volunteers respond to calls at any hour and perform the following duties Assist people locked out of their home or vehicle Repair flat tires and pump low tires Boost car batteries Assist cars stuck in snow ... directions for those in unfamiliar areas Obtain gas if someone's gas tank runs dry Assist with burst pipes Assist with loss of essential services such ...
Lexus LS (XF40) - Design and Engineering - Driver-assist Systems
... The Intelligent Parking Assist System feature (also called Advanced Parking Guidance System) can parallel-park or reverse-park the LS into a preselected space with minimal brake input at the push of a button ... Other drive-assist features include Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, which can accelerate and brake while monitoring traffic (similar to Mercedes-Benz's Distronic Plus), a Brake Hold button, which ... The Lane Keeping Assist (not available on the LS 600h due to conflict with LED headlamps) feature includes the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Keep (LK) systems ...
Forward Assist
... The forward assist on a rifle is a button found commonly on M16 and AR-15 styled rifles, usually located near the bolt closure, that when hit will push ... In order to ensure that the extractor is clipped around the rim of the shell, the forward assist is usually struck rather than pushed ... The forward assist is generally not necessary as a standard procedure on any weapon with the exception of the British L85A1 version ...

Famous quotes containing the word assist:

    It is no better, at least, than to assist at a slaughter-house.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    When Dad can’t get the diaper on straight, we laugh at him as though he were trying to walk around in high-heel shoes. Do we ever assist him by pointing out that all you have to do is lay out the diaper like a baseball diamond, put the kid’s butt on the pitcher’s mound, bring home plate up, then fasten the tapes at first and third base?
    Michael K. Meyerhoff (20th century)

    When the spirit brings light into our minds, it dispels darkness. We see it, as we do that of the sun at noon, and need not the twilight of reason to show it us. This light from heaven is strong, clear, and pure carries its own demonstration with it; and we may as naturally take a glow-worm to assist us to discover the sun, as to examine the celestial ray by our dim candle, reason.
    John Locke (1632–1704)