Assertive Discipline

Assertive discipline is an approach to classroom management developed by Lee and Marlene Canter. It involves a high level of teacher control in the class. It is also called the "take-control" approach to teaching, as the teacher controls their classroom in a firm but positive manner. The approach maintains that teachers must establish rules and directions that clearly define the limits of acceptable and unacceptable student behavior, teach these rules and directions, and ask for assistance from parents and/or administrators when support is needed in handling the behavior of students.

The underlying goal of assertive discipline is to allow teachers to engage students in the learning process uninterrupted by students’ misbehaviour.

Part of this approach is developing a clear classroom discipline plan that consists of rules which students must follow at all times, positive recognition that students will receive for following the rules, and consequences that result when students choose not to follow the rules. These consequences should escalate when a student breaks the rules more than once in the same lesson. But (except in unusual circumstances) the slate starts anew the next day.

Assumptions of this approach include: Students will misbehave. Students must be forced to comply with rules. Teachers have needs, wants and feelings and the right to teach without interruption by students misbehaving. Punishment will make students avoid breaking rules and positive reinforcement will encourage good behaviour.

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