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The Institute's endowed centers create venues and avenues for AIM program participants and the general public to exchange ideas and expertise, sharpen know-how on issues of the day, recommend policies, and propose action.

AIM Policy Center. Considered the public policy think-tank of AIM, the Center aims to enhance the overall competitiveness of Asian countries through research and policy studies in the Philippines in particular, and the region in general. It convenes various stakeholders in roundtable discussions, workshops, seminars, conferences, and policy briefings that provide venues for collaboration and discussion to encourage the formulation of solutions to public problems.

Gov. Jose B. Fernandez Jr. Center for Banking and Finance. The mission of the Center is to bring together the key players in Asia’s banking and financial services industry, promote beneficial business alliances, and host training programs and forums that generate a consensus of industry players as well as research on issues and concerns. The Center also seeks to develop competent Asian financial managers by undertaking research and organizing business forums, review courses, and training programs.

Ramon V. del Rosario Sr. Center for Corporate Responsibility. The Center is one of the first research centers in the region concentrating on corporate responsibility issues. Its main objective is the promotion of corporate governance, corporate responsibility and citizenship, as well as their impact on society. The Center accomplishes this through case-writing, research, program development, executive education training, and local and regional conferences. Major activities include the annual Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility, the largest conference on CSR in Asia, and the Asian CSR Awards.

TeaM Energy Center for Bridging Societal Divides. The TeaM Energy Center was established as a leadership training and research center that would provide capacity to address exclusion and inequities towards a society without divides. The Center aims to develop Bridging Leaders who understand societal divides, engage critical stakeholders to take ownership of the problem and its solutions, and work with them to facilitate program interventions that will bridge the divides.

Ramon V. del Rosario Sr. - C.V. Starr Center for Corporate Governance. The Center for Corporate Governance is a center for research, training, and advocacy in corporate governance matters. Its mission is to promote the practice of good corporate governance among private and public companies in the region.

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