Ascetical Theology

Ascetical theology is the organized study or presentation of spiritual teachings found in Christian Scripture and the Church Fathers that help the faithful to more perfectly follow Christ and attain to Christian perfection. The word ascetic is from the Greek word ἄσκησις askesis, meaning practice. The English term ascesis means "the practice of self-discipline". Christian asceticism is commonly thought to imply self-denial for a spiritual purpose. The term ascetical theology is used primarily in Catholic theology; the Eastern Orthodox use distinct terms (see below) and other religious traditions conceive of following Christ or God differently from either Catholics or Eastern Orthodox (see below).

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... The transition period up to the 12th century exhibits no specially noteworthy advance in ascetical literature ... But when in the 12th century speculative theology was celebrating its triumphs, mystical and ascetical theology too showed a healthy activity ... Christian morality on a scientific basis and throwing ascetical theology itself into a scientific form ...
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... evidence trail of Islam embracing an ascetical theology so called, but Islamic teachings encourage adherents to imitate closely the Prophet Muhammad in order to achieve spiritual perfection ...

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