Arundel (UK Parliament Constituency) - Members of Parliament - Arundel Borough (1332-1868) - 1640-1832


Year First member First party Second member Second party
April 1640 Henry Garton Parliamentarian Henry Goring
November 1640 Henry Garton Parliamentarian Sir Edward Alford Royalist
1641 John Downes Parliamentarian
January 1644 Alford disabled from sitting - seat vacant
1645 Herbert Hay
December 1648 Hay excluded in Pride's Purge - seat vacant
1653 Arundel was unrepresented in the Barebones Parliament
1654 Anthony Shirley Arundel had only one seat in the First and
Second Parliaments of the Protectorate
1656 Sir John Trevor
January 1659 Henry Onslow Richard Marriot
May 1659 John Downes One seat vacant
April 1660 The Earl of Orrery The Viscount Falkland
May 1660 John Trevor
1661 The Lord Aungier of Longford
1679 William Garway James Butler
1685 William Westbrooke
1689 William Morley
1690 James Butler
January 1694 Lord Walden
February 1694 John Cooke
1695 Lord Walden Edmund Dummer
1698 John Cooke Christopher Knight
January 1701 Edmund Dummer
November 1701 Carew Weekes
1702 Edmund Dummer
1705 James Butler
May 1708 Sir Henry Peachey, Bt The Viscount Shannon
December 1708 Viscount Lumley
1710 The Earl of Thomond Viscount Lumley Whig
1715 General Henry Lumley Thomas Micklethwaite
1718 Joseph Micklethwaite
1722 Thomas Lumley
1727 Sir John Shelley, Bt The Viscount Gage
1728 John Lumley
1739 Garton Orme
1741 James Lumley
1747 Theobald Taafe
1754 Sir George Colebrooke, Bt Thomas Griffin
1761 John Bristow
1768 Lauchlin Macleane
1771 John Stewart
1774 Thomas Brand George Newnham
1780 Sir Patrick Crauford Thomas Fitzherbert
1781 Peter William Baker
April 1784 Earl of Surrey
June 1784 Richard Beckford
1790 Sir George Thomas, Bt Henry Howard Whig
1795 Sir Thomas Gascoigne, Bt
1796 James Greene
1797 Nisbet Balfour
1802 Viscount Andover John Atkins
1806 Sir Arthur Piggott Francis Wilder
January 1807 The Lord Lecale
May 1807 Francis Wilder
October 1812 Henry Molyneux-Howard Whig
December 1812 Sir Samuel Romilly Whig
1818 Lord Henry Howard-Molyneux-Howard Whig Sir Arthur Piggott
1819 Robert Blake
1820 Viscount Bury
1823 Thomas Read Kemp
1826 Edward Lombe John Atkins
1830 Lord Dudley Stuart Whig
1832 Representation reduced to one member

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