Arthur L. Day Prize and Lectureship

The Arthur L. Day Prize and Lectureship is awarded by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences "to a scientist making new contributions to the physics of the Earth whose four to six lectures would prove a solid, timely, and useful addition to the knowledge and literature in the field." The prize was established by the physicist Arthur L. Day.

Arthur L. Day Prize and Lectureship Winners
Year Name
1972 Hatten Yoder Jr.
1975 Drummond Matthews and Fred Vine
1978 John Verhoogen
1981 Gerald J. Wasserburg
1984 Allan V. Cox
1987 Harmon Craig
1990 Ho-kwang Mao
1993 Hiroo Kanamori
1996 James G. Anderson
1999 Sean Solomon
2002 Wallace S. Broecker
2005 Herbert Huppert
2008 Stanley R. Hart
2011 R. Lawrence Edwards

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