Aromanian People

Aromanian People

Aromanians, or Vlachs (Aromanian: Armânji, Rrâmânji, Makidonji), are a Latin people native throughout the southern Balkans, especially in northern and central Greece, southern Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, south-western Bulgaria, and, as an emigrant community, in Serbia and Romania (Dobrudja). They are a native people in the regions of Epirus, Thessalia and Macedonia. An older term used for them is Macedo-Aromanians. Especially in Greece, the term Vlachs (Vlahoi) is widespread; this term is sometimes used outside Greece to encompass all Latin-descended peoples of the Balkans, including the modern day Romanians.

The Vlachs speak Aromanian, a Latin-derived language similar to Romanian, which has many slightly varying dialects of its own. The Aromanian language descends from the vulgar Latin spoken by native Balkan people subsequent to their Latinization by Rome. It is a mix of domestic and Latin language with additional influences from other surrounding languages of the Balkan peninsula, such as Bulgarian, Greek and Albanian.

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... Aromanians today come after more than 50 years after the closure of the last school and church in the Vlach language ... Aromanian language had never been included in the educational curriculum of Greece, as it had always been considered a vulgar language ... Currently there is no education for Aromanian children in their mother tongue, and there are no public television or radio stations broadcasting fully or ...

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