• (adj): Protected by armor (used of persons or things military).
    Synonyms: armoured
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... The BA-10 (Russian Broneavtomobil 10) was an armored car developed in the Soviet Union in 1938 and produced till 1941 ... It was the most produced Soviet pre-1941 heavy armored car – 3311 were built in three versions ... was developed from the BA-3 and BA-6 heavy armored cars ...
Improvised Armored Train
... The Japanese Improvised Armored Train was a series of armored trains converted by normal passenger trains built in the 1920s ...
Willis D. Crittenberger - World War II
... With the onset of World War II, Crittenberger was commanding 2nd Brigade of 2nd Armored Division (United States) under General George S ... In January 1942, he moved up to command 2nd Armored Division when Patton transferred to North Africa to command First Armored Corps (United States) ... In August 1942, he organized, trained and commanded 3rd Armored Corps composed of 7th Armored Division (United States) and 11th Armored Division (United States) at Camp Polk, Louisiana ...
Paul Jaworski - The First Armored Car Robbery
... He was the leader of the "Flatheads" gang, who committed the first-ever armored car robbery, on March 11, 1927 ... The gang stole over $104,000 from an armored vehicle on Bethel Road, Bethel Park, 7 miles outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ...
M41 Walker Bulldog - Legacy
... but troublesome, aluminum hulled M551 Sheridan Armored Airborne Reconnaissance Assault Vehicle (not officially listed as a light tank due to Army policy at the time) ... It was also built up into the M75 Armored Personnel Carrier, one of the first enclosed box-shaped personnel carriers that vehicle in turn was the pattern for the M113 APC, which later became the ...

More definitions of "armored":

  • (adj): Used of animals; provided with protective covering.
    Synonyms: armoured
  • (adj): Equipped with the complete arms and armor of a warrior.
    Synonyms: panoplied

Famous quotes containing the word armored:

    The origin of storms is not in clouds,
    our lightning strikes when the earth rises,
    spillways free authentic power:
    dead John Brown’s body walking from a tunnel
    to break the armored and concluded mind.
    Muriel Rukeyser (1913–1980)

    The armored cars of dreams, contrived to let us do so many a dangerous thing.
    Elizabeth Bishop (1911–1979)

    O mud
    For watermelons gutted to the crust,
    Mud for the mole-tide harbor, mud for mouse,
    Mud for the armored Diesel fishing tubs that thud
    A year and a day to wind and tide; the dust
    Is on this skipping heart that shakes my house,
    Robert Lowell (1917–1977)