• (noun): The act of equiping with weapons in preparation for war.
    Synonyms: armament, equipping

Some articles on arming:

Arming Plug
... An arming plug is a small plug that is fitted into flight hardware to enable functions that, for instrument or personnel safety, should not be activated before flight ... In the case of a missile or bomb, the (lack of the) arming plug prevents explosion before flight in the case of a spacecraft or scientific sounding rocket, it might prevent ...
TM-62 Series Of Mines - Fuzes
... MVZ-62 MVCh-62 - The MVCh-62 uses a clockwork arming delay of 30 to 120 seconds ... of electronics and clockwork, after an initial arming delay the magnetic influence fuze is enabled powered from a 1.5 V battery ... VM-62Z MVP-62 - The MVP-62 uses a pneumatic bellows arming delay of 20 to 300 seconds ...
T13 Beano Grenade - Design
... design for the T-13 hand grenade utilized a pressure trigger as well as an in-flight arming device ... on a weighted and knurled "butterfly cap" and the arming pin was removed ... length of nylon string unwound until a secondary arming pin attached to the far end of the cord was pulled, arming the grenade to detonate upon impact with a hard surface ...
Fuze Categorization By Munition Type - Hand Grenade Fuzes
... This necessitates manual arming before throwing as the grenade has insufficient initial acceleration for arming to be driven by "setback" and no rotation to drive arming by centrifugal force ...
Travels With Myself And Another - Accolades
... Poll 2009 - 2009 17th The Fly The Top 50 Albums Of 2009 - 2009 10th Pitchfork 100 Tracks Of 2009 Arming Eritrea 2009 97th Pitchfork Honourable Mentions - 2009 ...

Famous quotes containing the word arming:

    Our culture, therefore, must not omit the arming of the man. Let him hear in season, that he is born into the state of war, and that the commonwealth and his own well-being require that he should not go dancing in the weeds of peace, but warned, self- collected, and neither defying nor dreading the thunder, let him take both reputation and life in his hand, and, with perfect urbanity, dare the gibbet and the mob by the absolute truth of his speech, and the rectitude of his behaviour.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)