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X³: Reunion - Synopsis - Characters and Setting
... an assault in Paranid space, and the Argon Federation to declare him an enemy to appease the Paranid ... Julian is marked an enemy of the Argon Federation in hopes to avoid a war with the Paranid, who accuse Julian of committing crimes in their territory ... through it and fight through a combined Teladi, Boron and Argon fleet led by Ban Danna, inflicting large casualties ...

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    Women realize that we are living in an ungoverned world. At heart we are all pacifists. We should love to talk it over with the war-makers, but they would not understand. Words are so inadequate, and we realize that the hatred must kill itself; so we give our men gladly, unselfishly, proudly, patriotically, since the world chooses to settle its disputes in the old barbarous way.
    —General Federation Of Women’s Clubs (GFWC)