Archives Hub

The Archives Hub is a gateway to descriptions of archives for education and research. It represents archives held in UK universities, colleges and other institutions. It holds over 20,000 collection level descriptions of archives on all manner of subjects, and also has thousands of descriptions of series or of individual items within collections. The Hub has nearly 200 contributors across the UK. Each description on the Hub provides a link to the contact details for the repository that holds the archive.

The Archives Hub started in 1999 and has continued to expand and develop over the years.

The Archives Hub descriptions use Encoded Archival Description (EAD) for the creation of finding aids. The site provides information on the use of EAD, data creation guidelines, information on metadata and protocols for interoperability and to facilitate cross-searching.

The Archives Hub forms one part of the UK Archives Discovery Network (UKAD).

The Archives Hub is freely available to all. It is a Mimas service based at the University of Manchester.

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