Archibald Prize 2006 Finalists

This is a list of finalists for the 2006 Archibald Prize for portraiture (listed is Artist – Title). Note that unlike in the previous year, the winner of the Packing Room Prize for 2006 is not part of the finalists. The winner of the Packing Room Prize was Michael Mucci's portrait of Scott Cam titled A working class man.

  • Catherine Abel – Portrait of Julia Leigh
  • John Beard – Ken Unsworth
  • Danelle Bergstrom – Back to front – Kevin Connor
  • Kate Beynon – Year of the dog self-portrait
  • Tom Carment – Professor Muecke
  • Jun Chen – Joe Furlonger
  • Peter Churcher – Bruce, Linde and me on the road to Guadelupe
  • Adam Cullen – Edmund
  • Geoffrey Dyer – The Abstractionist Graham Fransella
  • McLean Edwards – Cate Blanchett and family
  • Prudence Flint – Four wheel drive #2
  • Robert Hannaford – Tim Flannery
  • Nicholas Harding – Robert Drewe (in the swell) 2006
  • Weaver Jack – Weaver Jack in Lungarung
  • Paul Jackson – Garry McDonald "All the world's a stage..."
  • Jasper Knight – Sir Harold Knight KBE DSC
  • Kerrie Lester – Phillip Noyce – in the picture
  • Paul Newton – Portrait of Pat Corrigan
  • Josonia Palaitis – Justice Michael Kirby
  • Rodney Pople – Artist and Curator, after Gainsborough
  • Ben Quilty – Cullen – before and after
  • Craig Ruddy – Self-portrait – into the box
  • Paul Ryan – Nicholas in Nowra
  • Jenny Sages – Hossein Valamanesh
  • Gillie and Marc Schattner – John and his black dog
  • Jiawei Shen – This is not a photo
  • Peter Smeeth – Clover Moore with Sheba and Bruno
  • Kathleen Vafiadis – Julia
  • Craig Waddell – Portrait of JC
  • John R. Walker – Martin Armiger
  • Greg Warburton – Jim Conway
  • Marcus Wills – The Paul Juraszek Monolith (after Marcus Gheeraerts) (Winner of the Archibald Prize)
  • Bin Xie – Bright smile
  • Huihai Xie – A groom
  • Michael Zavros – Michael Zavros can't paint / the wind is whistling through the house

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