• (adj): Requiring secret or mysterious knowledge.
    Example: "The arcane science of dowsing"

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Swamp Thing (TV Series) - Cast
... Anton Arcane, transforming him into a supernatural creature hellbent on protecting his new home from evil ... Anton Arcane A smarmy villain who attempted to steal Holland's formula and serves as his arch nemesis ... Kevin Quigley as Graham The unimaginative yet trusty and devoted assistant to Arcane ...
Swamp Thing (comic Book) - Second Series - Martin Pasko/Dan Mishkin
... Abigail Arcane and Matt Cable were brought back and shown to be married, though this development had a darker side Cable had been tortured via repeated electro-sh ... Pasko also resurrected Anton Arcane, now a grotesque half-spider/half-human hybrid with an army of insect-type Un-Men who ultimately cannibalized their creator after Swamp Thing was ... the book with issue 19, which featured the (third) death of Arcane, the second of which, from vol ...
Swamp Thing (comic Book) - First Series - Len Wein
... Anton Arcane ... Though they only met twice during the first series, Arcane and his obsession with gaining immortality, aided by his nightmarish army of Un-Men and the tragic Patchwork Man (Arcane's ...
List Of Swamp Thing Episodes - Season 3 (1992-1993)
... Arcane to hunt an employee for sport ... Changes 39 August 14, 1992 When Arcane unleashes a virus that could be fatal to Swamp Thing, Ann does research and apparently finds a way to restore Alec's humanity with a ... Tatania 41 August 28, 1992 Arcane finally resurrects his wife Tatania only to learn the woman he's kept frozen all these years is Kitty Lane, an exotic dancer and impostor placed in Arcane's lab by his benefactor ...
Matthew Cable - Swamp Thing/Doom Patrol
... He eventually married Abigail Arcane, a longtime friend to Swamp Thing and niece to Anton Arcane, a ruthless man who wanted Swamp Thing's secrets so he could become immortal ... Eventually Matthew manages to send Arcane back to hell, but at the cost of the effects of the car-crash catching up with him, and only after Arcane had ...

Famous quotes containing the word arcane:

    The small sleek one wants to stop,
    docile to the imploring soul of the trashbasket,
    but the young tall curly one
    wants to walk on; the glistening sidewalk
    entices him to arcane happenings.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)