Arab Strap (sexual Device)

Arab Strap (sexual Device)

An Arab strap is a sexual device, usually made of leather and a metal ring, that is placed around the penis and testicles. This device is usually included in the group of cock rings and cock harnesses usually to play the role of a bondage-type sex toy. The name is probably derived from restraining devices used for mating Arabian horses, including the analogous method of binding.

The device includes metal rings placed around the penis shaft and penis base, which are connected with each other by the leather or rubber straps intended for holding the rings in place and for testicle restraining. The rings measure the standard penis diameters from 2 to 3.5 inches and usually are not the same. The base ring is a little larger in size repeating the anatomy of the male organ. The width of the straps varies in different devices for more convenience. The straps may include the buckles for adjusting the device and can be lockable for creating the chastity male strap on.

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Arab Strap (sexual Device) - Materials
... The main materials used to make Arabstraps are leather for strap)and metal for cock rings and buckles,if any) but there are also some variations ... The strapsshould not be used in the water,since the sex toy is not waterproof ... Under wet conditions the leather stretches and loses its shape,or the cock ring slides down during use ...

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