Arab Orthodox - 1948 War

1948 War

During the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, a number of Greek Orthodox villages were affected, including:

  • Bassa
  • Ramla
  • Lydda
  • Safed
  • Kafr Bir'im
  • Iqrit
  • Tarbikha
  • Eilabun

In addition around 20,000 fled Haifa, 20,000 fled West Jerusalem, 700 fled Acre and 10,000 fled Jaffa. However prominent members remained such as Tawfik Toubi, Emile Toma and Emile Habibi and they went on to be leaders of the Communist party in Israel.

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1948 War

The term 1948 War can refer to any of the following events:

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    • the regular war between Israel and neighbouring Arab states : the 1948 Arab-Israeli War
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