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Vicars Apostolic For Upper and Lower Saxony

In 1709 the Vicariate Apostolic for Upper and Lower Saxony was disentangled from the Nordic Missions.

  • 1709–1722: Agostino Steffani (resigned in protest of lacking financial support from the Vatican)
  • 1722–1726: Sede vacante
    • 1722–1723: Ludolf Wilhelm von Majus as provicar per pro
  • 1726–1728: Agostino Steffani (returned after fulfillment of his claims)
  • 1730–1745: Leopold Heinrich Wilhelm von Schorror (resigned)
  • 1745–1757: Johann Wilhelm von Twickel (died in 1757)
  • 1757–1760: Sede vacante
    • 1757–1759: Volradus Christian Müller as provicar per pro
    • 1759–1760: Jodokus Joseph Walmer as provicar per pro
  • 1760–1779: Johann Theodor von Franken-Siersdorf (died in 1779)
  • 1779–1780: Sede vacante

The remainder of the vicariate, after secession of Hereditary Saxony vicariate in 1743, remerged into the Nordic Missions in 1780.

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