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Saturn I Launches
... SA-6 A-101 May 28, 1964 First Apollo boilerplate CSM launch ... Apollo BP-13 Decayed 1 June 1964 ... SA-7 A-102 September 18, 1964 Second Apollo boilerplate CSM launch ...
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 34 - Launch History
... second stage February 26, 1506 ... Saturn IB AS-201 Apollo CSM First flight of Saturn IB and Apollo Spacecraft August 25, 1715 ... Saturn IB AS-202 Apollo CSM ...
Canceled Apollo Missions - Surplus Hardware
... Two complete Saturn Vs went unused after the Apollo program, SA-514 and SA-515, as well as the third stage of the SA-513 ... SA-513 was the original launch vehicle destined for the Apollo 18 mission it was used to launch Skylab (its third stage built from a converted S-IVB #212) ... This display includes a production command/service module (CSM-115) which was never completed after funding was cut ...

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