Apennine Culture

The Apennine culture or Italian Bronze Age is a technology complex of central and southern Italy spanning the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age proper. It is preceded by the Neolithic and succeeded by the Iron Age Villanovan culture. Apennine culture pottery is a black, burnished ware incised and decorated with spirals, meanders, dots and bands of dots. It has been found on Ischia island in association with LHII and LHIII pottery and on Lipari in association with LHIIIA pottery, which associations date it to the Late Bronze Age as it is defined in Greece and the Aegean. The Apennine has been periodized into Proto-, Early, Middle, Late and Sub- phases. The Proto- phase pottery is earlier than LHII and lacks the incisions. As copper slag has been found on Lipari Carbon-dated to 3050±2000 BC, the beginning of the Proto-phase may well go back to that time; however, typical conventional dates of 1800–1200 BC are given for the whole period.

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