Apalit, Pampanga - Notable Residents

Notable Residents

  • Governor Don Macario Arnedo y Sioco - He was the celebrated "principalia" and "ilustrado" who became the first elected Governor of Pampanga during the American regime from 1904 - 11. He was the one who implemented the long-planned transfer of the capital of Pampanga from Bacolor to San Fernando and was the catalyst of the rapid development of agriculture, sugar manufacturing, etc. during his tenure. An old world gentleman of absolute integrity, he used his substantial, inherited personal fortune to help the poor of Pampanga province. In old age, he was very concerned that good moral values and strong work ethics be instilled in the Kapampangan youth, starting with those in Apalit.
  • Dr. Mariano Dungca Bayani - Widely known as a general practitioner in medicine, Dr. Bayani was both a licensed pharmacist and a medical doctor. He graduated with a degree in Pharmacy at the University of Santo Tomas and earned also his doctorate degree in medicine from the same institution in Manila. He specialized in pulmonary diseases (TB) at the Quezon Institute and later set up his medical practice in his hometown of Apalit while serving also as a municipal health officer. Well recognized in the medical and social circles and in civic activities, he was elected as president of the Pampanga Medical Society. His wife led the Pampanga Chapter of the Philippine National Red Cross for many years.
  • Fr. Gregorio Binuya - Another prominent Apaliteno who dedicated his life to the priesthood in different parishes in Pampanga and became famous in the Cursillos Movement as a spiritual director and lecturer.
  • Edwin Arceo - Author, award-winning educator, and civic leader. Exponent of freethought, repudiates superstitious behavior and advocate of scientific inquiry through various articles and books published online.
  • Artemio Camaya Macalino - Championed the cause of the poor, served as congressman of the second district of Pampanga and Executive Judge of the Court of Agrarian Relations.
  • Brigadier General Narciso M. Cabrera - Manila Chief of Police.
  • Dr. Demetrio M. Cabrera, Sr. - Renowned doctor of optometry who served the United States Military as civilian based on the Island of Corregidor until it fell to Japanese invaders. He evacuated his family back to Apalit for safety and survival during the Japanese Occupation and moved to Manila after the war. Demetrio married Dionisia Macapagal of Lubao & Arayat Pampanga. He was a prominent Knight of Columbus. (Nov 10, 1899- Oct 6, 1991)
  • Bert Simon Camiling - Popular socio-civic and labor leader; local radio station musical director; member of national award-winning musical group and dubbed as one of the best guitarists Pampanga has ever produced. Nominated for the Governor's Award for Outstanding Kapampangan Guitarist but died of cardiac failure in October, 1993.
  • Theresa Zuñiga Camiling-Gutierrez - Born in the City of San Fernando in the Province of Pampanga, Philippines and with heritage in the three towns of Lubao, Apalit and Bacolor in the same province. As an active community organizer and strong advocate of the propagation of her native language and culture, she founded the Philippine-American Youth Association in the cities of Altadena and Pasadena, California. She was the first Filipino-American Field Office Director of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Chairperson of the Federal Executive Board of Greater Los Angeles.
  • Atty. Restituto Capulong - A Pampanga High School Centennial Awardee for Government Service is a noted lawyer-politician who served as a member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Board) representing the 4th District of Pampanga in 1992-1998. He was also a director and corporate secretary of Clark Development Corporation, Managing Director of Mondragon Leisure Estate (Mimosa) and Officer-In-Charge of CDC Special Project for Resort Operations. In addition to his current law practice, he is also corporate secretary of JCET Resources Mining Corporation and Microminerals Resources Mining Corporation as well as Director-President of Pampanga III Electric Cooperative (PELCO III).
  • Dr. Vicente Catacutan - Internationally-known socio-civic-religious leader, former Provincial Board Member, founding president of the Apalit Small Christian Community Hospital (ASCOM) and recipient of a Papal Award "Equitem Ordinis Sancti Silvestre".
  • Honorable Carmen Espiritu Cruz-Sexton - served as a Philippine Ambassador.
  • Don Ernesto Escaler y Ocampo - A notable business magnate; chief executive officer of Resource Finance Corporation; secretary-treasurer of PASUDECO and CEO of Pepsi Cola, Philippines, Inc.
  • Bishop Federico O. Escaler, S.J. - He was ordained to the priesthood on June 19, 1954 at the Fordham Chapel in Fordham, New York City and became a bishop on July 31, 1976 at the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila. He served as Bishop Ordinary of Prelature of Kidapawan. He was once the Assistant to Jesuit Provincial, Superior in La Ignaciana Retreat House, President and Rector of the Ateneo de Davao in Davao City, Treasurer of Jesuit Province in Manila, and became the President and Rector of Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City.
  • Don Jose Escaler y Sioco - A lawyer, educator, industrial and business executive. He was the first president and general manager of PASUDECO, first Filipino assistant director of Education, Undersecretary of Justice and a member of the Board of Regents and acting president of the University of the Philippines.
  • Atty. Jose A. Espiritu - Professor and Dean of the College of Law of the University of the Philippines.
  • Dr. Remedios E. Galang - A medical graduate of the University of the Philippines and first woman councilor of Apalit and co-founder of two private schools in Apalit and San Luis.
  • Col. Ricardo Galang - Author, graduate school dean and World War II hero who fought the Japanese Imperial Forces. He established an Allied Forces Espionage network during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines and maintained a military liaison with General Douglas MacArthur in Australia.
  • Dr. Ricardo Espiritu Galang, PhD - Famous anthropologist, distinguished professor, author and former chairman of the Anthropology Department of the University of the Philippines.
  • Ambassador Hermenigildo B. Garcia - A linguist and career diplomat. He rose from the ranks to the position of Ambassador of the Philippines.
  • Brother Andrew Benjamin Gonzalez, F.S.C. ( Macario Diosdado Gonzalez y Arnedo ) - Former Secretary of Education, educator, author of more than 300 books, technocrat, longtime president of the DLSU De La Salle University and the Manila Bulletin newspaper and primary donor for the construction and operation of the ASCCOM Apalit Small Christian Community Hospital. He established and bankrolled the magnificent "Museo De La Salle" in Dasmarinas, Cavite in memory of his family's beloved Arnedo and Gonzalez ancestral homes in barrio Sulipan, Apalit.
  • Don Augusto Diosdado Gonzalez y Sioco - Successful industrial executive, lawyer, philanthropist who donated the present Apalit Municipal Government building ( the Florencia Sioco-Gonzalez memorial building; his aunt Dona Sabina Sioco de Escaler donated the land, purchased from the Cacnio family ), co-founder of PASUDECO Pampanga Sugar Development Co., Inc. and one of the two richest Kapampangans during his lifetime ( the other being Don Jose Leoncio de Leon y Hizon ). Don Augusto also donated the thick, first-class Belgian iron sheet roofing of the Apalit church ( removed in 2011 ) and its red-and-black tile floor. Don Augusto was assassinated by the Timbol brothers of Angeles on 12 July 1939 at the PASUDECO offices in San Fernando along with Don Jose Leoncio de Leon and Captain Julian Olivas. ( Don Augusto Gonzalez's death was presaged by the fall of the head of the image of Our Lady of Carmel during the novena procession leading to the 16 July feast day, it was regarded by Apalitenos as a portent of darkness. ) Don Augusto Gonzalez was the father of Brother Andrew Benjamin Gonzalez F.S.C., longtime president of the DLSU De La Salle University; Brother Andrew was born posthumously after his father's 12 July 1939 death on 29 February 1940.
  • Dr. Bienvenido Maria Gonzalez y Sioco - A educator and former president of the University of the Philippines. Prewar, he was the visionary who undertook the gradual but final transfer of the university from its original campus in Ermita, Manila to the Diliman estate purchased by the RP government from the Tuason family. Bienvenido Ma. Sioco Gonzalez was a two-term president of the University of the Philippines. Gonzalez was born on November 22, 1893 in Apalit, Pampanga. His father was the illustrious Joaquin Gonzalez, the rector of Universidad Literaria de Filipinas, the first institution of higher learning that was created by President Emilio Aguinaldo during the Philippine Revolution. He was appointed the sixth president of the University of the Philippines in 1939, amidst opposition because of his animal breeding provenance. At 46 years old, he was the youngest ever to be named UP president and he was the very first alumnus to be so honored. His term was characterized by his open attitude to students and faculty and the encouragement of the use of Tagalog as a national language. He died two years after on December 30, 1953. He was married to the then Concepcion Miravalles Rafols and have among his children, the prominent lawyer Gonzalo Walfrido Gonzalez and noted educator Eva Beatriz Gonzalez.
  • Don Fausto Felix Gonzalez y Sioco - Philanthropist and a distinguished member of the Philippine National Assembly in the 1930s. Because of his elegant and luxurious lifestyle, Don Fausto was known in Europe ( Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, etc. ), the USA, and in Argentina as "El Conde de Apalit" ( the Count of Apalit ). His first wife was the Bacolod shipping heiress Amparo de la Rama ( hija natural of Don Esteban de la Rama ). He was a very well-dressed gentleman and he traveled with his Rolls-Royce cars and polo horses across the continents. In the style of European aristocracy, Don Fausto lived in residences according to season in Manila, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Nice, St. Tropez, Davos, New York, Beverly Hills, and Buenos Aires. His elder brother, Don Augusto, took charge of his financial affairs in Pampanga and Manila.
  • Don Dr. Fernando Leonardo Gonzalez y Sioco - Eldest son of Dr. Joaquin and Dona Florencia Sioco Gonzalez who followed the footsteps of his famous father in the medical profession and became an efficient public health officer in Pampanga, La Union and Rizal. Through self-study he became proficient in foreign languages such as German, Italian, Malay, Sanskrit, etc. He was an artist, a playwright and coin and stamp collector.
  • Gene Gonzalez ( Eugenio Ramon Reyes Gonzalez ) - Nephew of Brother Andrew Gonzalez, restaurateur, famous book author in culinary arts, entrepreneur, and owner of popular, upscale restaurants in Metro Manila, an educator, and a Southeast Asian Games champion in Fencing.
  • Dr. Jesus Justo Gonzalez y Sioco - Second eldest son of Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez and his wife Dona Florencia Sioco y Rodriguez. Like his dad and elder brother, he became also a famous medical doctor who had four years of postgraduate medical training as a pediatrician in Munich, Germany and he was the only doctor at one time in the whole nation who could perform a procedure called "intubation" whereby a tube is placed in the trachea to let the patient breathe.
  • Don Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez y Lopez ( 1856 - 1900 ) - Pampanga Representative to the 1898 Malolos Congress and first Rector of "Universidad Cientifico-Literaria de Filipinas," the forerunner of the University of the Philippines. Discovered "beri-beri" as a disease in the Philippines. He was educated at the Universidad Central de Madrid and later specialized in ophthalmology in Paris under the famous Dr. Louis de Wecker, who years later mentored Dr. Jose P. Rizal. He was one of the most distinguished residents of Apalit town in the late 1800s, along with his brother-in-law Don Joaquin Arnedo de la Cruz y Tanjutco. Despite his being half-Spaniard, he strongly supported the revolutionary cause of the Katipunan: the attack of the revolutionaries on Macabebe town was secretly planned in his elegant barrio Sulipan, Apalit residence; Dr. Joaquin, his wife Dona Florencia, and their sons observed the revolutionary movements with binoculars from their "azotea." ( according to Tiburcio Hilario, secretary of the Katipunan, Dr. Joaquin's wealthy mother-in-law Dona Matea Rodriguez y Tuason, viuda de Sioco, viuda de Arnedo de la Cruz of Bacolor and Sulipan, Apalit was the biggest contributor to the Katipunan in Pampanga, contributing thousands of gold coins to the cause ) The main avenue of Apalit town is named in his honor --- "Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez avenue."
  • Atty. Almario de Jesus - Highly respected lawyer, outstanding socio-civic-religious leader, director and legal adviser of United Pampanga Leaders Council and strong advocate of the propagation of Kapampangan language, poetry, music and culture.
  • Mayor Tirso Lacanilao - two-term vice mayor and former mayor of Apalit and benefactor of many young, poor but intelligent Apalitenos in pursuing their education.
  • Brigadier General David Laquian - Deputy Chief of Staff of the Philippine National Police.
  • Bert Le Roy - One of the best character actors of his time both on stage and screen. His patriotism led to his arrest, imprisonment and death at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Forces during World War II.
  • Adelino Lugue - Well-known Philippine CPA, co-founder of the Cursillo Movement in Pampanga, District Governor of Rotary International and former Provincial Board Member.
  • Dr. Amado B. Lugue, Jr - Prominent medical doctor in Pennsylvania specializing in Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Medicine.
  • Nicolas "Nick" Lugue - Successful carver of some religious statues.
  • Dr. Carlos Manlapaz - Successful doctor of dental medicine and renowned socio-civic-leader who chaired the Philippine Centennial Celebration in Los Angeles, California.
  • Engineer Godofredo Gaddi Pangan - Administrator of the Rural Electrification Program of the Philippines and Undersecretary and acting Secretary of Public Works.
  • Atty. Pastor T. Pangan - Regional Director of the National Bureau of Investigation who was recognized as Outstanding Pampangueno for Law Enforcement. Father of the Two-termer Municipal Councilor Jessica Pangan who also served as Secretary General of PCL Pampanga Chapter (1998-2004).
  • Dominador Pangilinan - President and Chief Executive Officer of Traders Royal Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in the Philippines.
  • Engr. Pastor Pangilinan - First Apaliteno to graduate in Aeronautical Engineering in the early 1950s from FEATI University and became a senior vice president for operations of Philippine Airlines and a consultant of other airlines.
  • Sixto Pangilinan - A successful entrepreneur who started as a traveling merchant, he established the first Flying A Gasoline Station, initiated the Pangilinan Service Station and operated a retail store in Apalit. He was also a popular cabeza del barrio (barangay captain) of San Vicente and a municipal councilor in his hometown.
  • Mayor Emilio Pascual, MD - A well-respected medical practitioner and popular political and civic leader in his community, he was appointed as a municipal mayor of Apalit in 1947 to jump-start the economic recovery of his hometown from the ravages of World War II.
  • Dr. Napoleon Punsalan - Prominent Medical Doctor specializing in surgery in New York City, New York.

Orlando Punsalan - Famous radio announcer and father of movie actress Princess Punsalan.

  • Dr. Antonio C. Quiroz - Voted as 1988 Outstanding Filipino Physician by the Association of Filipino Physicians in America. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in the specialty of Internal Medicine and the subspecialty of Cardiovascular diseases. He is a product of the University of Santo Tomas in Manila and trained at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and the Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has been a professor, a researcher and a cardiology department director at various medical centers and hospitals in the United States of America. He completed his elementary schooling in public schools in Apalit, Pampanga and his secondary education at Pampanga High School at the age of fifteen years and his medical degree from the University of Sto. Tomas when he was twenty-two years of age.
  • Col. Eulalia P. Reyes - A woman medical doctor who joined the United States Air Force Medical Corps after a successful medical practice in the USA and in the Philippines and rose to the rank of colonel.
  • Florante P. Reyes: - Successful Certified Public Accountant and Chief Executive Officer in the Insurance and Banking Industry and well-known sportsman, socio-civic leader and philanthropist in the Philippines.
  • Adelina Galang Santos de Rodriguez - Renowned and effective mayor of Quezon City from 1976 to 1986 and a member of the Board of Directors of the Philippine National Red Cross.
  • Dr. Priscilla Galang Santos de Manalang - PhD, Professor of Education and Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University of the Philippines.
  • Cornelio Sigua Sr.-Municipal president of Apalit during the Commonwealth period from 1935 to 1937 then as municipal mayor from 1948 to 1951.
  • Larry Sigua - Leading businessman, real estate developer, journalist, newspaper publisher and current president of Knights of St. Peter.
  • Atty. Rodolfo Sigua - member of the legal profession and political leader of Pampanga.
  • Eddie Ayson Simon - Current Provincial Board Member of Pampanga, successful business and insurance executive, major financial contributor to barangay projects and champion of the poor.
  • Engineer Juanito Ayson Simon - Pride of Apalit and an international award-winning inventor of an engine oil additive which is now in the market in the USA, the Philippines and other countries.
  • Cecilia Gonzalez-Soriano - Career government official and former Undersecretary of Finance. Granddaughter of Dr. Jesus Justo Gonzalez y Sioco of Sulipan, Apalit.
  • Dr. Manuel Galang Soriano, Jr. - Eminent specialist in urology; he decided to return to the Philippines as a consultant and FEU associate professor of urology.
  • Amando Tetangco, Jr. - Governor of the Central Bank of the Philippines.
  • Brigadier General Edgar Dula Torres- Superintendent of the Northern Police District of the Philippines and Vice Chairman of the Philippine Police Commission.
  • Atty. Eller Dula Torres - A law scholar who scored 91% in the bar examination. He was appointed as the first city fiscal of Angeles City and served later as assemblyman of the 3rd district of Pampanga.
  • Atty. Medardo D. Torres - A five-star defense lawyer in many criminals and civil cases in the '60s. Had he not migrated to the USA as an aspiring stage/television/movie actor, his legal expertise could have already made him a famous judge or a justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. Atty. Torres is now a successful businessman in southern California specializing in real estate marketing and financing.
  • Sixto Vergara Torres - Worked for the Land Transportation Commission as regional director and deputy commissioner. He is most remembered for founding the Gonzalez Memorial Academy which is now a college in Apalit.
  • Dr. Carlos Uyan - Socio-civic-religious leader, leading doctor of veterinary medicine and president of ASCOM USA.
  • Palmacio Espiritu Vargas - Well-known socio-civic-religious leader, bank and business executive and was once elected number one municipal councilor and father of former town councilor Marlon Vargas.
  • Ian Carlos Simbulan - journalist, currently the Executive Producer of GMA 7's Reporter's Notebook, a leading investigative news magazine show in the Philippines.

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