• (adj): Earlier in time.
    Synonyms: prior
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Suprahyoid Branch Of Lingual Artery
... temporal transverse facial middle temporal (zygomatico-orbital) anterior auricular frontal parietal maxillary 1st part / mandibular anterior tympanic deep auricular middle meningeal (superior tympanic, petrosal ...
Cephalic Presentation - Classification - Vertex Presentation
... The vertex is the area of the vault bounded anteriorly by the anterior fontanelle and the coronal suture, posteriorly by the posterior fontanelle and the lambdoid suture and laterally by 2 lines passing through the ... In the vertex presentation the occiput typically is anterior and thus in an optimal position to negotiate the pelvic curve by extending the head ... according the position of the occiput, it being right, left, or transverse, and anterior or posterior Left Occipito-Anterior (LOA), Left Occipito-Posterior (LOP), Left ...
Superficial Anterior Cervical Lymph Nodes
... The superficial anterior cervical lymph nodes are found in proximity to the anterior jugular vein ... Mastoid/retroauricular Parotid Superficial Deep (Preauricular Infra-auricular Intraglandular) Anterior Facial (Buccinator Nasolabial) Mandibular Submandibular Submental (Urumova's node) Neck/Cer ...
Lower Anterior Resection
... A lower anterior resection, formally known as anterior resection of the rectum and anterior excision of the rectum or simply anterior resection (less precise), is a common surgery for rectal cancer and ...
Anterior Ligament Of The Head Of The Fibula
... The anterior ligament of the head of the fibula (anterior superior ligament) consists of two or three broad and flat bands, which pass obliquely upward from the front of the head of the ... orbicularis Knee-joint Tibiofemoral Capsule Anterior meniscofemoral ligament Posterior meniscofemoral ligament> extracapsular popliteal oblique arcuate ...

More definitions of "anterior":

  • (noun): A tooth situated at the front of the mouth.
    Synonyms: front tooth
  • (adj): Of or near the head end or toward the front plane of the body.

Famous quotes containing the word anterior:

    But now moments surround us
    Like a crowd, some inquisitive faces, some hostile ones,
    Some enigmatic or turned away to an anterior form of time
    Given once and for all. The jetstream inscribes a final flourish
    That melts as it stays.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    I find it more credible, since it is anterior information, that one man should know heaven, as the Chinese say, than that so many men should know the world.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)