Angel City, Florida - Merritt Island Causeway Bridge

Merritt Island Causeway Bridge

The Merritt Island Causeway linked Cocoa Beach to Angel City via a wooden toll bridge from 1922 to 1941. A plaque that marks this location states, "On this site on April 19, 1923, a wooden drawbridge across the Banana River was opened to the public linking Merritt Island to Cocoa Beach. To pay for the bridge, there was a round trip toll of .20 for car and driver plus .04 charge for each additional passenger. Upon completion of State Road 520 in 1941, the old bridge was dismantled. Only the concrete abutment and a few pilings remain to mark the location of the bridge that opened Cocoa Beach to development."

Oscar Worley was the toll bridge tender until the present SR 520 was opened on June 5, 1941. Oscar Worley was denied the opportunity to tend the new bridge, and instead ran a fish business in Angel City until his death in 1956 at age of 83. The Worleys were the second family to homestead in Angel City. The road "Worley Avenue" is named after them. The Worley family still resides in Angel City to this day.

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