Ancient Technology in Stargate

Ancient Technology In Stargate

The Ancients (also known as "Alterans" and "Lanteans") are a fictional advanced race in the Stargate franchise, and are depicted as the precursor to modern-day humans. Their mostыфввцавамвчч chronology, all Ancient technology was created prior to their ascension, with the exception of the Velona weapon, assisted by the character Orlin, and the weapon created by the character Merlin to destroy ascended beings. However, not all the artifacts credited to the Ancients are depicted as a complete success.

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... "Ascendometer" An Ancient device used to measure a person's synaptic activity ... as telekinesis, and was apparently used by the Ancients during their pursuit of Ascension ... Clava Thessara Infinitas Ancient for "Key to Infinite Treasure", a circular tablet that supposedly holds the location of a cache of Ancient weapons ...

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