Anchor Blue Clothing Company - Early History

Early History

The origins of Anchor Blue Clothing Company date to 1948 when brother Dave and Lou Miller founded Miller's Surplus store (originally Ontario War Surplus). The Ontario, California-based surplus store sold both military surplus and clothing during its early days. The shop gained popularity among local youth as being one of the few places in the area that sold Levi jeans. The Miller brothers decided to pursue separate ventures and as a result the business folded in the early 1970s.

Dave Miller founded his own clothing retail store named Miller's Outpost in 1972. The business debuted in Ontario and Pomona specializing in clothing catered to young adults. Soon thereafter the business took off, spawning 100 stores in the region by the turn of the decade. Miller sold his company shortly after reaching the centennial milestone to Amcena Corporation. The new owner continued the store's growth trend, expanding to over 300 storefronts across California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and other states by the end of the 1980s.

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