Anand - Surname


  • A. V. Anand (born 1936), Indian musician
  • Adarsh Sein Anand (born 1936), Indian Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Akshay Anand, Indian actor
  • Ambika Anand (born 1980), Indian TV anchor and editor
  • Amrik Anand (born 1947), Indian cricketer
  • Anand Raj Anand, Indian music director, composer, lyricist and playback singer
  • Anita Anand (born 1972), British radio and television presenter and journalist
  • Anjum Anand (born 1971), British Indian food writer and TV chef
  • Anubhav Anand (born 1981), Indian actor
  • Anurag Anand (born 1978), Indian author
  • B. K. Anand (1917 - 2007), Indian physiologist and pharmacologist
  • Chetan Anand (badminton) (born 1980), Indian badminton player
  • Chetan Anand (director) (1921–1997), Indian producer, screenwriter and director
  • Deepak Anand (born 1956), Indian film director and editor
  • Dev Anand (1923–2011), Indian actor, writer, director and producer
  • Geeta Anand, Indian journalist
  • Harjit Singh Anand (born 1948), Indian government administrator
  • Harvinder "Harry" Anand, Indian-American politician
  • Inder Raj Anand (died 1987), Indian film writer
  • J. Anand, Indian racing car driver
  • Javed Anand (born c. 1950), Indian journalist and civil rights activist
  • K. V. Anand (born 1966), Indian cinematographer, film director and photo journalist
  • Margot Anand (born 1944), French author, teacher, seminar leader and public speaker
  • Mayank Anand (born 1983), Indian actor, artist, author and director
  • Mukul S. Anand (1951-1997), Indian film director and producer
  • Mulk Raj Anand (1905–2004), Indian writer
  • Nikita Anand (born 1983), Indian model, actress and beauty queen
  • Nitya Anand ((born 1925), Indian scientist
  • Priya Anand (born 1986), Indian film actress and model
  • Raj Anand, English web entrepreneur
  • Ruchi Anand, Indian international professor
  • Satyapal Anand (born 1931), Indian poet, critic and writer
  • Shakti Anand, Indian television actor
  • Shilpa Anand (born 1982), Indian model, television and movie actress
  • Shoma Anand (born 1958), Indian television and film actress
  • Siddharth Anand, Indian film director
  • Subramanian Anand (born 1986), Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Suneil Anand (born 1956), Indian film actor
  • Suparna Anand (born 1969), Indian film actress
  • Tarun Anand, Indian information technology entrepreneur and software engineer
  • Tinnu Anand, Indian actor and director
  • Valerie Anand pen name Fiona Buckley (born 1937), British author
  • Vibha Anand (born 1991), Indian television actress
  • Vijay Anand (director), Indian film director
  • Vijay Anand (Hindi film maker) (1925–2004), Indian filmmaker, producer, screen writer, editor, and actor
  • Vijay Anand (politician) (born 1969), Indian politician
  • Viswanathan Anand (born 1969), Indian chess grandmaster and current world chess champion

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