Amtrak's 25 Hz Traction Power System - Recent Developments - Zoo To Paoli Transmission Line

Zoo To Paoli Transmission Line

In late 2010, Amtrak solicited design services for new transmission lines between Paoli and Zoo Substations. Primary objectives of this expansion include improving reliability of transmission between Safe Harbor and Philadelphia, and reducing maintenance costs. This project dovetails with the Safe Harbor to Atglen transmission line replacement, which is already underway.

If built the Zoo to Paoli transmission line will replace the current supply scheme which uses 138 kV lines which run circuitously along the SEPTA Cynwyd Line, Schuylkill Secondary and Trenton Cut-off between the Zoo and Frazer substations. The new routing will reduce maintenance costs, as Amtrak must now maintain vegetation along right-of-way which it neither owns or uses for revenue service. The conceptual line will run from the existing Paoli substation to the junction of the Harrisburg to Philadelphia main line and SEPTA's Cynwyd line at the 52nd street bridge. 39°58′43″N 75°13′41″W / 39.9785°N 75.2280°W / 39.9785; -75.2280 (End of New Construction for Paoli-Zoo Transmission Lines).

The new lines would connect to the existing 1ED and 2ED circuits, which will be abandoned between the junction and their current terminus at the Earnest Junction HT Switch. The plan also includes construction of a 138/12 kV substation at Bryn Mawr to replace the existing switching station. The existing 1905 era catenary structures are planned for replacement, and new transmission supports will be compatible with catenary replacement.

However a similar plan by the Pennsylvania Railroad was defeated by opposition from the wealthy Main Line communities due to the impact of tall transmission lines on the local scenery.

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