American Comics Group - Notable Titles Published

Notable Titles Published

  • Adventures into the Unknown (174 issues, Fall 1948 - Aug. 1967)
  • Cookie (55 issues, Apr. 1946 - Sept. 1955)
  • Forbidden Worlds (145 issues, July/Aug. 1951 - Aug. 1967)
  • Giggle Comics (99 issues, Oct. 1943 - Jan. 1955) — acquired from Creston Publications
  • Ha Ha Comics (99 issues, Oct. 1943 - Dec. 1954/Jan. 1955)
  • Herbie (23 issues, Apr./May 1964 - Feb. 1967)
  • The Kilroys (54 issues, June/July 1947 - June/July 1955)
  • Lovelorn (later changed to Confessions of the Lovelorn) (114 issues, Aug./Sept. 1949 - June/July 1960)
  • Romantic Adventures (later changed to My Romantic Adventures) (138 issues, Mar./Apr. 1949 – Mar. 1964)
  • Soldiers of Fortune (12 issues, Mar./Apr. 1951 - Jan./Feb. 1953) — acquired from Creston Publications
  • Unknown Worlds (57 issues, Aug. 1960 - Aug. 1967)
  • Wrangler Great Moments in Rodeo (50 issues, 1955 - 1966)

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