América De Cali - Coaching History

Coaching History

Name Nationality Years
Fernando Paternoster 1948
Donaldo Ross 1948
Moises Emilio Reuben 1949
Julio Tocker 1950
Adelfo Magallanes 1951
Julio Tocker 1952–53
Ricardo Ruiz 1954
Edgar Mallarino 1955–59
Alejandro Genes 1959
Adolfo Pedernera 1960–61
Manuel Sanguinetti 1961
Porfírio Rolón 1961–62
Miguel Ortega 1962–63
Francisco Pacheco 1963
Porfírio Rolón 1963–64
Francisco Solano Patiño 1964–65
Porfirio Rolon 1965
Juan Eulogio Urriolaveitia 1965
José María Minella 1966
Carlos Tulio Obonaga 1966
Porfírio Rolón 1966–67
Julio Tocker 1967
Porfírio Rolón 1968
Angel Perucca 1968–70
Guillermo Reynoso 1970–71
Edgar Barona 1972
Jorge Ruiz 1972–73
Simo Vilić 1973–75
Name Nationality Years
Pedro Nel Ospina 1975
Julio Tocker 1976
Adolfo Padernera 1977
Pedro Nel Ospina 1977
Victor Pignanelli 1978
Gabriel Ochoa Uribe 1979–91
Diego Edison Umaña 1992
Francisco Maturana 1992–93
Diego Edison Umaña 1993
Hugo Gallego 1994
Pedro Sarmiento 1994
Diego Edison Umaña 1994–96
Luis Augusto García 1996–97
Diego Edison Umaña 1998
Jaime de la Pava 1999-02
Fernando Castro 2002–03
Alberto Suarez 2004
Ricardo Gareca 2005
Otoniel Quintana 2005
Luis Augusto García 2005
Hernan Dario Herrera 2006
Bernardo Redin 2006
Gerardo González Aquino 2006–07
Roberto Cabañas 2007
Diego Edison Umaña 2007–09
Juan Carlos Gruesso 2010
Jorge Bermudez 2010
Álvaro Aponte 2011

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