Alvis may refer to:

  • Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd, British luxury car and military vehicle manufacturer which later became Alvis plc
  • Alvis plc (formerly United Scientific Holdings plc), a Defence contractor which acquired Alvis Cars and became the UK's largest armoured vehicle manufacturer
  • Alvis, a family surname in the United Kingdom and the United States, originating (usually) from one family in colonial Virginia
  • Hayes Alvis (1907–1972), American jazz bassist and tubist
  • Max Alvis (born 1938), Major League Baseball player
  • Alvis (Fire Emblem), a character in the game Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
  • Alvis E. Hamilton, a character in the anime Last Exile

Other articles related to "alvis":

Alvis TC 108G
... The Alvis TC 108G was a British sporting car made by Alvis cars between 1955 and 1958 ... Alvis's other main supplier was Tickford and they were bought by David Brown to use for his Aston Martin company ...
Alvis Pelides
... The Alvis Pelides was an unflown British air-cooled radial aero engine first developed in 1936 ... but unbuilt development as were the Alcides, Alcides Major and the Maeonides Major, the Alvis aircraft engine range taking their names from Greek mythology ...
Alvis Plc - History
... Alvis became part of Rover in 1965, which ended the company's car manufacturing in 1967 to allow it to concentrate on the manufacture of armoured vehicles ... In 1968 Rover and its Alvis subsidiary were incorporated into the Leyland Motor Corporation later British Leyland or BL ... In 1981 the then nationalised BL sold the Alvis business to United Scientific Holdings for £27 million ...
List Of Fire Emblem: Seisen No Keifu Characters - Playable Characters From The First Generation - Diadora (Dierdre)
... her father Prince Kult and of Loputousu through Cigyun, and also the half-sister of Alvis ... her in Chapter 3, and leaves her for Alvis to find after Sigurd's death, she marries Alvis and bears his children, the twins Julius and Julia ...
List Of Last Exile Characters - Last Exile - Protagonists
... The mission, rated seven stars out of ten, is to deliver a young girl named Alvis E ... Despite their fears, Claus and Lavie deliver Alvis to the battleship but decide to remain aboard to keep her safe ... It is later revealed that Alvis holds the key to uniting the two warring nations of Anatoray and Disith ...