Alsace Class Battleship


Alsace Class Battleship

The Alsace class battleships were planned to succeed and enlarge the Richelieu class. The design planned for an improved Richelieu design with three triple or quadruple 380 mm turrets (two fore, one aft). Six names were proposed, and two had to be chosen from this list: Alsace, Normandie, Flandre, Bourgogne; two more units were not given names. The laying down of the lead ship of the class, Alsace, was planned for 1941; with the Fall of France in 1940, none of the ships were built.

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Alsace Class Battleship - Design
... Three types of battleships were studied, all with the same main artillery arrangement, two turrets forward, one turret aft, and the same secondary artillery arrangement (152 mm caliber), all on ... As seen above, the type n°1 would have been similar to Vittorio Veneto class battleships, for the main artillery, in arrangement and in caliber, and an anti-ship secondary artillery which would ... with one more 381 mm gun, and the HMS Lion battleship class, with a main artillery of only 380 mm caliber ...

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