Allermöhe Station - Station Services - Station Facilities

Station Facilities

A small shop in the station sells fast food and newspapers. There are no lockerboxes and the station is fully accessible for handicapped persons. No personnel is attending the station.

Preceding station Hamburg S-Bahn Following station
Mittlerer Landweg toward Elbgaustrasse S21 Nettelnburg toward Aümuhle
Mittlerer Landweg toward Altona S2 Nettelnburg toward Bergedorf

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... Station facilities include a book and gift shop, a museum, a refreshment room, ladies' waiting room and power room, general waiting room, gentlemen's toilets and an emporium ... The station also plays host to the command centre of the railway from which the Duty Traffic Manager organizes all movements which take place on the ... In 2009, a £20,000 grant allowed the station to have new toilets and a lift in the entrance hall to be installed for the benefits of the disabled ...

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